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Paar Paerchenfotos Burg Nuernberg 15 My StoryMy Story in the MLM industry…

…began some years ago, back in 2005. I was 19 years old and worked for a small insurance company in my hometown Nuremberg as an insurance agent.

Years ago I lived with my parents together in a block of flats in the 7th floor and when i was taking a look through the window of my living room i was able to see the same procedure like every single evening of the week: There were thousands of people stuck in traffic, sometimes they were in their cars at the same position at the same time each and every day…

And while i was observing this daily “phenomenon” of doing always the same things every day like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day“… i was like:

“I don’t want to be that Average Joe doing all the average things in life!” That’s not life!

So i found my WHY in life to change something… But i had no clue of HOW to make the change. I already knew MLM but i was (like many people are) skeptical about this system. At that time i passed dozens of Network Marketers trying to get me in their system. They were all so INCREDIBLY nice and started a INCREDIBLY nice conversation with me. And after that they tried to pitch me with phrases like: “I have this cool business bla bla bla” and “you can make all the money you want bla bla bla” and “you have to do nothing except speaking to your friends” bla bla bla…

And i was so bored about MLM

But then, in 2005 (it was a day in March) my spouse got  a recording of a MLM Live Event on CD from one of her colleagues. And this colleague told my spouse to watch it as soon as possible (of course :D). So, we decided to watch it together and here comes the reason why i started in MLM:

At this event was not a single word spoken about “business presentations in hotel rooms”, “financial freedom in 6 weeks”, “just making the warm list” or any other of these typical, crap phrases! There were only three speakers on stage telling their success story to the audience. And that was so inspiring for me, because they were looking and speaking like ordinary guys from the neigbourhood and every one of them created a proven 6- or even 7-figure income per year.

And i was like: “Hey that’s three ordinary guys like me breaking through the average life and now living the life of their dreams by using this system and telling their story. And if they can do it, i can do it, too!”

So i started in this MLM company selling insurance products and providing the opportunity to build your own team. And i thought it was perfect fit me, because i had already been working for an insurance company.

But then the struggling began: My sponsor told me every time to make the typical warm list, chase your friends, chase your family and sell our products and then chase your friends again. There was no value, no system and finally: no success! I spend 8 months after sponsoring my very first rep! And after three years of struggling in this MLM company i decided to get a step back and i turned from a MLM full timer to a part timer!

Meanwhile i was jumping to the next MLM company (nutrition) and tried my best. The problem i had: I couldn’t chase the REMAINING friends that i’ve already chased over and over again. Therefore, it was time for doing some cold calling via XING and LinkedIn… Nice Contacts, many prospects but not a single rep. A few sales but no momentum, no leverage…

The years passed and there was no success for me. After struggling in another MLM company (cosmetics) i finally arrived in the MLM i’m still in today (in late 2012)!

But even there the success didn’t come overnight. At this time i had debts in an amount of 60.000 € emerged over the years. It was even hard for me to pay the monthly membership fee of my MLM company.

I’d like to share with you some photos which i took at that time period (and i only took those fotos because i was convinced at that time that i will get out of that crap one day! simple smile My Story )

Konto11 1024x323 My Story

The Amount of Money I Had In My Bank Account in late 2011

IMG 3039 300x224 My Story

My Last Pair Of Sneakers

Foto 2 224x300 My Story

My Old Chair, Sitting On It In Front Of My Computer Hour After Hour


But then there was a shift that finished my MLM suffering:

My upline was using a system to generate leads online. He was generating leads like a Rockstar 😀 And i was always interested in learning such a strategy about how to prospect online and to ultimately stop chasing my family!

So i decided to step into this system (at that time i actually had no money for it, so one of our best friends borrowed me the money for the first 3 months)

One of the first things this system (built and hosted by MLM Leaders to create MLM Leaders) taught me was this: Consistency. If you take a look at my blog you can find a few articles about the importance of consistency.

In my first weeks using the system I followed their Step-by-Step instructions how to apply these profitable strategies to my business. And after about 6 months of sticking to that system and providing value to the MLM world consistently, there was a big BOOM!

I got real exposure the very first time in my MLM career. People started to contact ME and asking ME how to build their business. People were willing to join my team because they had the confidence that i’m going to HELP them to build their business… to bring value in their business!

And you know what?

I’m THRILLED to HELP other people! I’m THRILLED to improve the lifestyle of other warriors out there fighting against the ordinary life of the Average Joes!

Meanwhile i work my MLM business full time. That allows me to spend much time with my beloved future wife, my family and our two cute dogs!

Feel free to share your story with me and let me know how i can HELP YOU!




Paar Paerchenfotos Burg Nuernberg 16 My Story


skype: beier_stefan



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